Space Satellite Monitoring Natural Resources

Satellite observation using high & very-high resolution satellite data of the area, allows monitoring any changes as well as practices in the wider area. These changes can be fires set by farmers, wild fires in forests, pollution of water resources & rivers.

The actions that will take place in this project are specially designed for environmental changes, relationship between human activities & wildlife & nature in the broader areas of Greece & Albania.


Welcome by Greek Lead Partner

The Region of Western Macedonia invited to meet the requirements of its new fortified role and face common challenges by utilization the advantages of our region and the new financial tools. It is necessary, more than ever, the consolidation of social consciousness and mutual trust between the citizen and the Regional Authority.

According to the Regional Governor of Western Macedonia Mr. Georgio Daki such projects like SSMNatuRe contribute to face natural disasters such forest fires and floods creating a data recording system in order to protect the natural environment. The Region of Western Macedonia faces a big problem due to invasion of forest fires from neighboring countries like Albania and FYROM.

Obviously, there are clearly potentialities for improvement, but we make the best in order our citizens to avoid any risk and minimize any problems that may arise from natural disasters, which ultimately can not control fully.

Welcome by Albanian Lead Partner

SSMNatuRe Project (Innovative Space Satellite Monitoring of the Environmental Natural Resources of the cross - border area Greece - Albania), is very important for the region which is being implemented and its problems. Environment constitutes one of the priorities of the region, due to the tourist profile complex where the coastline itself, or other spaces with tourism perspective, are evaluated as the epicenter of the development of this sector in the country and with enough ambition in a wider area, regional.

High environmental standards mean also a developed tourism and a more optimistic outlook on this sector. On the other hand, in all the area where the project is being implemented the decision making of the local and central structures are increasingly conditioned by having as reference the quality of the environment, which is closely linked to the quality of life and citizen’s health.

Therefore, in this reasoning, a very valuable support throughout this process is SSMNatuRe project, which aims to promote and develop a sustainable environment and natural and cultural resources, promotion and protection of natural resources of the area. Referring to the objectives and goals of the project, the complex monitoring of the space inter alia opens new windows and creates a much broader vision to anticipate problems and prevent environmental consequences. Modern methods and equipment that this project will provide for monitoring, will provide for the decision-making structures continuous information and depending on this information will be planned the framework for environmental protection.

During the cooperation with local government structures and central and local partners, are evaluated with interest other aspects, including the most advanced methods in order to preserve the environment, such as the preparation of digital maps of protected areas from climate change impacts, using different methods and data analysis and modeling management, or still further, the development of existing networks of local, regional, national, or more broadly, European, environmental impact, associated with a lot of information and determining the factors that cause changes in the environment.

Ultimately, it is closely linked to goals in terms of integration. In this reasoning, the importance of this project in relation with local government functions, as direct responsible to the preservation of the environment, as well as the excellent partnership of Local Economic Development Agency (AULEDA), which has the role of the Lead Partner in the implementation process, with local factors and actors and beyond, ensure an effective impact in accordance and compliance with the expectations.